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Kasserine : Des familles de martyrs en sit-in ouvert
Sami Nasri, frère du martyr Mohamed Nasri, tombé lors des événements de la Révolution, a annoncé que des familles de martyrs de la région ont entamé,depuis la nuit du mercredi 24 février 2021, un sit-in ouvert, au ...
 أمريكا تؤكّد فعالية جرعة واحدة من لقاح 'جونسون أند جونسون'
أكّدت وكالة الغذاء والدواء الأميركية، أمس الأربعاء 24 فيفري 2021، أن جرعة واحدة من لقاح جونسون أند جونسون، ستكون فعالة ضد فيروس كوفيد-19. وقالت الوكالة في ...

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منظمة "أنا يقظ" هي منظمة رقابية تونسية غير ربحية ومستقلة تهدف إلى الإشارة إلى الفساد المالي والإداري وتدعيم الشفافية. تأسست المنظمة اثر الثورة التونسية في 21 مارس 2011. تضم المنظمة ثلة من الشباب والشابات النشيطين في مختلف جهات الجمهورية ويعمل جميعهم على الحفاظ على مكتسبات الثورة.

I WATCH is a Tunisian watchdog organization created after the Tunisian revolution. I WATCH is the Chapter in Formation of Transparency International in Tunisia since January 2017. I WATCH gathers a group of motivated young men and women from different regions of the country working on preserving the gains of the revolution. I WATCH is founded upon two main principles; 1) No exclusion. I WATCH does not exclude anybody on the basis of religion, political or even regional background; 2) No trusteeship. I WATCH believes in the youth and empowers them; Young men and women who made the revolution are trustworthy and should be involved in the decision-making process. No trusteeship should be exercised over the youth under the pretext of “lack of experience”. I WATCH works mainly on two axes: transparency and corruption. As for transparency, I WATCH makes sure that all political events are transparent including pre and post election monitoring. I WATCH also seeks to facilitate access to information. Believing that corruption is one of the reasons that triggered the revolution, I WATCH fights corruption all over the country. I WATCH also works on the democratization of the police and guaranteeing a smooth political transition in the post-revolution period. I WATCH also worked on voter education and observing the last elections. I WATCH main office is in Tunis. Six other offices are located in Tataouine, Gafsa, Le Kef, Jendouba, Sousse and Sfax.
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